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International GCSEs and A Levels for 14-24 Year Olds

Pearson Online Academy UK Global is a fully online affordable private school that delivers a British curriculum for 14–24* year olds that is brought to you by the leaders in virtual learning, Pearson.  Covering International GCSEs and International A Levels for the British curriculum, we bring the digital knowledge and curriculum expertise into the homes of students around the world. We are passionate that all students flourish during their time at the school by guiding them through their journey of excellence and ensuring they are prepared for futures in higher education. 

Our educational programmes have been specifically designed for digital learning and combine independent study and LiveLesson® sessions guided by expert teachers. The flexible and personalised nature of this approach has wellbeing built at the heart of it while ensuring all students studying with us are fully engaged and our teachers are skilled to bring out the best in every student. 

Our students are all working towards exam success, university progression and career readiness to ensure that they meet their future ambitions and aspirations.

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* Over 18's are in separate classes to students aged 14-18.