Progression To University

Student studying online with headphones

We work hard to support the university aspirations and career ambitions of every one of our students. Our Success Coaches and teachers all play a part in helping to prepare our students at the school for competitive applications to the world’s top universities.

In regular one-to-one coaching sessions, our experienced Success Coaches advise students about how to write compelling personal statements and university essays. They also prepare students for university interviews, coaching them on how to best field questions about their academic passions and wider interests. 

Offering our students the best tools for the future

In recent years, universities and employers have highlighted the need for students and graduates to develop a range of transferable skills, often referred to as ‘soft skills’, to enable them to better meet the demands of undergraduate study and the world of work.

At Pearson Online Academy UK Global, our teaching and learning, combined with Pearson Edexcel’s world-class qualifications, instil and embed the skills that children need to grow into resilient, curious and globally connected young adults.

Pearson Edexcel's rigorous qualifications are accepted by top universities across the world – such as Oxford, Cambridge, Pearson College London, Columbia and Yale – leading on to prestigious employment opportunities.