Pearson Online Academy’s partnership opportunities are an effective and beneficial solution for you, your students and your members. Across our family of online schools we provide a high-quality and engaging education that supports our students to thrive and move onto the next step in their lifetime of learning journey.

Whether you are looking for a US or British curriculum, a flexible way of scheduling learning or a way to expand your curriculum offering, we have the solution to meet your needs. Our partnership opportunities illustrate a forward-thinking approach to education and our commitment to schools, students, associations, and organisations.

Are you?

  • A school that is planning to expand the range of grades/year groups and or subjects you can offer to your students?
  • An international school looking to add courses to your curriculum which will gear your students for broader and higher opportunities in their education?
  • A home-school cooperative/network seeking to increase the breadth of offerings to your families?
  • A sports association or facility looking for flexible education options for your athletes to enable them to train at a higher level?
  • A performing arts academy interested in offering a personalised academic curriculum to your performers?
  • A music society or academy that requires flexibility for its young musicians so they can fit their academic learning in around their practice and touring schedules?
  • An organisation that has students falling behind in their academic studies due to a busy schedule of interests and passions outside of school?

We have three types of partnership opportunities that can support you: School Partner, Courseware Partner and Referral Partner.