Achieving a well-rounded education in an online environment

Student with headphones studying online
Mickey Revenaugh

For over 20 years, Pearson has been supporting online schools to engage and flourish. At present, over 105,000 students are using our proven digital platform around the world to support their learning.  

Mickey Revenaugh, Vice President, Business Development - Pearson Global Online Learning, discusses the importance of providing a well-rounded education for a school community and how this can be achieved online.  

In September, our newest cohort of online learners will join the Pearson Online Academy UK Global school, in which 14 – 18-year-olds from across the world will come together to study British international GCSEs and A Levels in a range of subjects, supplemented by “super-curricular” electives on topics of interest. Our mission is simple. To help each student maximise their potential. 

Within the structure of a complete school programme, students’ study from home, enjoying a carefully designed combination of LiveLessons with expert teachers and flexible self-paced learning, all pursued in the company of fellow students across the world. The guidance of an online Success Coach helps keep students on track and allow them to thrive with their education.  

But being part of a school community is more than just pursuing academic excellence. At Pearson Online Academy UK Global, students benefit from a robust extracurricular programme which includes online and offline activities in sports, the arts, community service, and academic enrichment. By pursuing their passions alongside peers from other countries, students broaden their understanding of different cultures and build an international network of friends. ​ 

And whilst we focus heavily on our students’ ability to progress to further studies or begin successful careers, we support our students to achieve an all-round education. 

We want our students to:  

  • Have an understanding of world events 
  • Think about their own values and what is important to them 
  • Take and share their learning in the real world  
  • Get involved in their local, national and global communities 
  • Have the strength and conviction to voice their opinions  
  • Speak out and challenge ignorance and intolerance. 

For this reason, in addition to their core academic work and extracurricular pursuits, our students engage in activities that develop their leadership skills, perfect their English communication, build their relationships, and allow them to serve their global and local communities.  

The team at Pearson Online Academy UK Global provide a rigorous and inspiring academic experience that integrates the best of online and offline activities, supporting interdisciplinary and project-based work while driving toward subject mastery. Both through core coursework and “super-curriculum” experiences, students develop transferable skills such as self-management and cross-cultural collaboration; build their wellness and become valuable members of society who participate globally. 

We look forward to continuing to build our community.