Meet the Team - Anthony Cioci

Anthony Cioci
Khya Newell

Anthony Cioci teaches Computer Science for International GCSE at the Pearson Online Academy UK Global. In this conversation he shares his passion for learning anywhere, anytime, and for creating a digital legacy of resources. 

Why I joined the Pearson Online Academy UK Global 

Since the practice of teaching online is still in its relative infancy, I wanted to be a part of its development. I believe in the flexibility of being able to work from any location without the need to travel – all that’s required is a good internet connection. I was also attracted to the prospect of working with other professionals at Pearson who are dedicated, as I am, to learning how to use online environments to maximum effect. 

What I’m most looking forward to about teaching in the school 

High on the list for me is learning the best practice for the delivery of online lessons. In my experience, students learn best by ‘doing’, so I’ll always give students lots and lots of practice on the topic they’re studying. I’m looking forward to having the ability to record lessons too, and to developing original digital resources – in so doing, they’ll be made permanently available to students. Lastly, it will be great to work as part of the online academy team, sharing best practice with colleagues, and learning from each other. 

The challenges I’m excited to overcome at Pearson Online Academy UK Global 

I’ll be throwing myself in to the challenge of learning and developing online methodologies, finding ways to ensure maximum engagement and participation from students. Developing effective Assessment for Learning techniques for the online environment will also be a rewarding challenge to conquer. 

If I could tell students thinking about joining the school just one thing, it would be… 

Do it. Join the school. Developing the skills of online learning is an ever-increasing part of everyone’s educational development. You will be a pioneer in the field of online learning, so relish that prospect and be sure to ask questions of anything you’re unsure of, your teachers will be here, and ready to help. 


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