Meet the Team - Davinder Bhachu

Davinder Bachu
Pearson Online Academy UK Global


Davinder Bhachu teaches International GCSE and A Level Chemistry with Pearson Online Academy UK Global. He shares the challenges he’s looking forward to this year, plus a little confession about time-management… 

Why I joined Pearson Online Academy UK Global 

I enjoyed the challenges of remote teaching during lockdown, plus the opportunities – and flexibility – this type of learning offers both staff and students. 

What I’m most looking forward to in the school 

I’m really looking forward to encountering and overcoming the challenges of remote learning with the academy, as well as getting to grips with the novel opportunities the school can offer. I think it’s great that our students can access quality education without being restricted by their location.  

The challenges I’m excited to overcome at Pearson Online Academy UK Global 

Not meeting the students or staff face-to-face! It will be exciting to build our community together with the tools and resources we have. 

If I could tell students thinking about joining the school just one thing, it would be… 

That learning to manage your own time will not only help you with your school education but is a life-long skill. It’s one that I’m still trying to refine – but you will get there! 

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