Meet the Team - Jennie Ku

Meet the Team - Jennie Ku
Khya Newell

Jennie Ku teaches International GCSE and A Level Maths for the Pearson Online Academy UK Global. Here she describes her excitement about teaching tech, and describes her joy at sharing Maths with students.  

Why I joined the Pearson Online Academy UK Global 

My career so far has been a joyfully jam-packed career with incredible opportunities, wonderful experiences and fantastic students – all of which have undoubtably contributed to my continued love for teaching and learning. 

Pearson has an incredible reputation throughout the world, and it’s a real privilege to work with a school which shares my vision for inspiration and innovation in education. Through teaching online I can offer complete interactivity with every student, plus bespoke high-quality learning plans and an incredible set of digital resources to deepen, stretch and enrich their understanding.  

What I’m most looking forward to about teaching in the school 

I am really looking forward to meeting every student and starting our incredible journey together! I am hoping the learning journey of Maths will be enjoyable, fascinating, a little difficult at times but highly rewarding too.  

My passion in Growth Mindset; where an individual believes that their talents, intelligence, and abilities can be developed further so there is no limit to a student potential has allowed me to create strong relationships with students, supporting them through challenges and embedding resilience. This experience and belief reinforces the specialised support Pearson Online Academy UK Global offers to all its students.  

Myself and the team at Pearson Online Academy UK Global can support and stretch all ability types in an environment that’s accessible wherever, whenever around the world. It will be great for students who want to study in the comfort of their own home, and access their education according to their needs, without the anxieties and time/location constraints that come with traditional schools. 

Why I think young people should study Maths at GCSE (and beyond!) 

Students should sign up for Maths because they will need it 😊 In finance, engineering, programming – even in the most beautiful pieces of art – Maths is all around us. Even today, in the modern age, we can’t ignore that Mathematics is the backbone of technology. We would not be where we are today without it.  

The challenges I’m excited to overcome at Pearson Online Academy UK Global 

I’m excited to learn new technologies, software and resources with the purpose of deepening student understanding. There is a wealth of fun and enticing resources out there to be shared, and they continuously change. I am excited to keep the school and its students up to date with those developments. 

If I could tell students thinking about joining the school just one thing, it would be… 

Join! The world is changing and the way in which we deliver education should change too. Pearson Online Academy UK Global is innovative and intuitive to the needs of today. It offers a better standard of education than a traditional school because every student has access to high quality teachers, with a personalised learning plan ensuring every student is included, supported and challenged. The accessibility and sharing capability of digital resources also allows us to stretch and enrich beyond the curriculum – and will inspire you to see how far beyond the classroom Maths can take you. 

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