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Jo Vigneron
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With her global background as a teacher, school lead and founder - holding key positions in London, Hong Kong, New York and Abu Dhabi – Jo Vigneron is thrilled to be the Founding Principal of Pearson Online Academy UK Global, and to champion its international community. She explains what drew her to the role, and how she’s aiming to make the academy the best online school in the world. 

Why I joined the Pearson Online Academy UK Global 

Having already opened two highly successful schools in the UAE, I know how much I’ll enjoy the opportunity to create something brand new, unhindered by any preconceived ideas and limitations. As Founding Principal of Pearson Online Academy UK Global, I have the chance to work with enthusiastic and entrepreneurial students and staff. Together we’re building a school that’s shaped by their ideas, underpinned by Pearson – a giant of expertise in education – and driven by a platform of cutting-edge technology. I have always been attracted to innovative ideas and concepts. Pearson Online Academy UK Global encompasses all this and so much more.  

What I’m most looking forward to about being Founding Principal 

For me, regardless of where it is and what it looks like it, a school is ultimately a community. Getting to know everyone is, without a doubt, what I look forward to the most. We have regular meetings with families in advance of their first term, and I love to hear about the dreams, aspirations, and experiences of our ambitious students. 

I’m also incredibly proud of the flexibility and inclusivity our school offers. Here every student has a voice, and can contribute in the way that best suits them – without fear of being missed or overlooked. It is our recognition of, and respect for, a diversity of learning styles and preferences that allows us to cater for the individual, and so build a community that enables every student to achieve their full potential. 

The challenges I’m excited to overcome at Pearson Online Academy UK Global 

The most exciting challenge ahead will be building our community. As this is the third new school I’ve opened, I fully understand the excitements and frustrations that can occur when establishing an organisation. But the opportunity to start afresh, to reinvent yourself, and to create a new community is wonderful. Together, our challenge will be to make connections and get to know one another. As our relationships deepen and develop, I’m certain we will build a wonderful community to underpin our new school. 

My aspirations for the school and its students 

I’m aiming for Pearson Online Academy UK Global to become the best online school in the world – and I see no reason this cannot happen. We have access to some of the most innovative technology out there, and our teachers – who were recruited from hundreds of applications – are experts in their fields, bringing with them incredible subject knowledge alongside superb pedagogical skills. 

My aspirations for our students are for them to achieve their own ‘excellence’, in whatever shape or form that looks like for them. Simply by joining our school, our students identify themselves as creative and innovative individuals. Working online requires the development of organisational, time management, self-discipline and study skills, putting them way ahead of many of their counterparts. Coupled with their access to a truly global and forward-thinking community, such skills place them at the forefront of their peer groups. 

If I could tell students thinking about joining the school just one thing, it would be… 

That you are safe. We ensure that all our students are truly well known by us. Unlike many other online schools, we also cap class sizes at 30 (frequently, they are far smaller), facilitating relationships between staff and families to ensure our students are well catered for. Our Success Coaches, teachers and senior leaders will all work together with you as students, and with your parents/carers, to ensure the best experience for everyone.  


Pearson Online Academy UK Global is a place where you belong. 


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