Meet the Team - Liz Eastwell

Elizabeth Eastwell
Khya Newell

Liz Eastwell teaches Physics for International GCSE and A Level at Pearson Online Academy UK Global. In this post she shares her excitement about finding online opportunities, and relishes the challenge of bringing home-based science experiments to her students. 

Why I joined Pearson Online Academy UK Global 

I have always enjoyed the use of ICT in teaching – and have been an advocate of online learning platforms throughout my career. Pearson Online Academy UK Global is a wonderful opportunity to work more one-to-one with students, and use my knowledge of ICT and assessment to help students grow in a more flexible setting.  

What I’m most looking forward to about teaching in the school 

I’m looking forward to interacting and engaging with learners from around the world – meeting the students will be an exciting opportunity. I feel enthusiastic about sharing my passion for Physics, and helping individuals grow in an environment that’s so student-centred. Becoming part of the Pearson Community will open up unexpected and exciting possibilities for learners in their own homes. I recently moved to Wales from Manchester, so it will open opportunities for me too. 

The challenges I’m excited to overcome at Pearson Online Academy UK Global 

Science builds knowledge on testable observations and experimentation – and Physics is a practical subject!  I’m looking forward to refreshing approaches that bring “homemade” experiments for students to trial; to creating videos for demonstrations, and to carrying out practical simulations that support student online learning.       

If I could tell students thinking about joining the school just one thing, it would be… 

That they can expect the care and support they would receive in a physical school. Students studying with Pearson will be valued by teachers who are experienced and enthusiastic. 


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