Meet the Team - Lucy Gilder

Meet the Team - Lucy Gilder
Khya Newell

Lucy Gilder teaches Biology for International GCSE and A Level. In this chat she shares her enthusiasm for the online school environment, and explains why students should never assume ‘hands on’ lessons aren’t a feature of remote learning… 

Why I joined Pearson Online Academy UK Global 

I’ve worked in online schooling for the last eight years, so I have plenty of technical know-how to make our lessons interesting, and very much enjoy working in the virtual environment. Away from work I am a mother of three so my organisational skills are honed to a tee! 

What I’m most looking forward to about teaching in the school 

Meeting students from around the world and seeing global perspectives on the topics we’ll be studying. The classroom tools we now have available make it much easier to identify and address any misconceptions out there, and allow students to learn at a rapid rate.  

Prior to teaching I worked as a researcher, and I look forward to passing on my research skills to students, particularly in the lab modules for the international A level course. I’m also looking forward to being able to focus on the latter key stages, which is where my passion for teaching lies. 

The challenges I’m excited to overcome at Pearson Online Academy UK Global 

Core practicals! How do you teach a hands-on skill over the internet, I hear you ask?! Join me and you’ll see! 

If I could tell students thinking about joining the school just one thing, it would be… 

Your lessons won’t be just sitting and listening to a lecture. You’ll be surprised at how interactive and hands-on we can be! 


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