New (Academic) Year, New Resolutions for Students…

Student studying online with milkshake
Elaine Tibbatts

As the academy’s first academic year gets underway, how can new students set themselves up to make the most of their time? To celebrate the beginning of this first term, we’ve brought together a few New (School) Year Resolutions that will help our students kickstart their journey.

Resolution One: Finding Friends

As students join an amazing cohort of international learners, they’ll soon find their friends-to-be for the duration of their time at the school – and beyond. Since students can log in to learn with us anywhere, across the globe, there’s no knowing how far their academy friendships will take them. With opportunities to connect and bond in LiveLessons, Co-Ccurricular events, and instant messaging, they’ll quickly discover that location is no barrier to being with their best people.

Resolution Two: Meeting the Teachers

The other friendly faces at the end of the screen will, of course, be their teachers – ready to support students through the entirety of their studies. Teachers will take the time to get to know each learner – including their individual styles and preferences – and ensure they get the right support they need. They will even get to know the family too! For a quick introduction today, visit the Meet the Teachers page of our website. You can also read up on our teachers’ hopes and words of wisdom through the ‘Meet the Team’ series of stories on our blog.

Resolution Three: Setting up for Success

As well as having a fantastic set of subject teachers on their team, students will also be linked up with their own Success Coach at the academy. The Success Coach is there to offer them tailor-made planning and expert coaching, in order to support them for future studies after their time at Pearson Online Academy UK Global– and, ultimately, to prepare them for their chosen career pathway. For any pastoral issues, the Success Coach is the first port of call, so students – and families – needn’t hesitate to connect with them, and make the most of their guidance. You can read more about the Success Coach role here.

Resolution Four: Loving Where They Learn

One of the great joys of studying at Pearson Online Academy UK Global is that students have the control and flexibility over where they learn. All they need is a computer, Wi-Fi, and a willingness to get going. Whether they’re taking lessons on their travels, or working within a dedicated study zone, we encourage them to look at the space they’ll be in, and make sure that it’s all set to suit their needs. Is there anything they can do to maximise the comfort, light and fresh air around them while studying? What plans can they make to give themselves screen breaks throughout the school day? We encourage students to keep in mind the importance of small tasks that can punctuate their work, such as pausing to make a drink, practise deep breathing, or take a brisk walk outdoors. They can also decide how they want to make lessons fit around pre-existing Co-Curricular commitments. These are their studies, after all. By learning how to organise their own time, and how they work the best, students will quickly learn the life-enhancing skill of effective self-management.

Resolution Five: Getting Co-Curricular

Think Pearson Online Academy UK Global is all about achieving grades? Think again. Alongside our core curriculum, we’re proud to offer a wonderful range of free online meetings, clubs and activities to students, so students can develop their passions outside of the curriculum. From Mindfulness Society to Film Club, Running to Robotics, there’s sure to be a society that piques their interest. And in the unlikely event that there isn’t? We can give them the coaching and tools to establish their favourite alternative. Learn more on our Co-Curriculum Programme page.

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