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Pearson Online Academy

Six Year 10 and two Year 12 students are set to have their work published as part of the Young Writers ‘Empowered’ Poetry Competition.

Pearson Online Academy students drew on their experience of the past 18 months to empower themselves, and others, through their words.

Designed to inspire students aged 11-18 to be confident poets, the Empowered Poetry Competition encourages learners to find and use their voices to express themselves through the written word.

At Pearson Online Academy we support our students to establish an understanding of world events, think about their own values and what is important to them, take and share their learning in the real world, and get involved in their local, national, and global communities. We empower them to have the strength and conviction to voice their opinions and speak out and challenge ignorance and intolerance.

Jessica Dowd, International GCSE English teacher, said: “We encouraged a number of students to enter the competition to showcase the fantastic creative writing talents of our school community. We explored the word ‘empowered’ and encouraged our learners to find their voices and express themselves by writing about something they feel passionately about. From friendships, hobbies or school, to lockdowns, idols, and the environment, students have written powerful poems that capture a snapshot of today.”

Having successfully reached the final stages of the national poetry competition, the selected entries will be published and considered for the top prizes.

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